Vendor Management in Regina, SK

Are you getting your money’s worth out of your technology vendors?

If not, you may need to improve your vendor management best practices. Net Results can help. 

Proper IT vendor management can have significant benefits including cost savings and improved service. We’ll take on this responsibility as part of our managed IT services to ease your administrative burden.  

Benefits of Net Results’ Effective Vendor Management

Cost Savings

We have decades of experience in reviewing contracts and negotiating better terms, helping you save money. Also, consolidating suppliers (if possible) and leveraging bulk pricing further contributes to a cost-efficient strategy.

Improved Efficiency

We streamline supplier interactions and systematically evaluate all vendor performances. This management technique minimizes time spent on vendor-related issues, allowing for greater focus on your core business activities.

Build and Maintain Healthier Vendor Relationships

We’ll engage with vendors transparently and consistently to foster mutual trust and collaboration. This builds trust, more responsive support, shared innovation, and preferential treatment in times of high demand or market scarcity. Open and ongoing communication with suppliers ensures that both you and your vendors are aligned with your business' objectives and can swiftly adapt to changing requirements.

Our IT Vendor Management Best Practices Include...

  • Assessing your technology needs to be able to select the right IT vendor 
  • Selection and vetting of vendors that are most appropriate for your organization 
  • Contract negotiation for best pricing 
  • Developing a centralized, efficient and streamlined vendor management system to avoid miscommunication 
  • Regular communication to keep your technology vendors informed about any updates or information they may need to know to provide the right technology for your evolving needs 
  • Building long-term partnerships, which improves service quality, reduces service time and money spent on constantly onboarding new vendors 
  • Monitoring vendor performance and holding them accountable 
  • Creating a backup plan in case of vendor disruptions or issues 

We'll Handle Your Technology Vendors for You

IT vendor management, contract negotiation

There is More to Comprehensive Managed IT than Just Vendor Management

Our managed services, for a fixed monthly fee, are designed to address all IT needs of any small to mid-sized business:

Cloud Solutions

Use as much or as little cloud you need. We customize our services to help you be more efficient, and productive, while providing secure, scalable access to your data and applications.

Responsive IT Helpdesk

Staffed by knowledgeable professionals, our helpdesk is equipped to address your IT concerns promptly, ensuring consistent support and reduced downtime.

Cyber Security

Our proprietary cyber security measures are designed to protect your systems and data from cyber threats.

Data Backup & Recovery

Our backup and recovery strategies protect your essential data, ensuring your business remains operational even during unforeseen events.

Network Management

We manage your network to guarantee optimal performance and reliability of your IT infrastructure and operation.

Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring tools enable us to detect and address potential issues proactively, preventing them from disrupting your business.

IT Consulting Services

As your business grows, it may need one-off IT projects in addition to ongoing managed services. We’ll assess your needs, help you make well-informed choices, and strategically plan your IT investments.

Microsoft 365 & Azure Support

We offer extensive support for Office 365 applications and Azure environments, boosting team collaboration, productivity, and security.

IT Procurement

Benefit from our expertise in selecting and purchasing the appropriate IT hardware and software tailored to your business's specific requirements.

Need help managing your IT vendors?

We are a top managed IT services provider in Regina and Saskatoon. Our services include managing your technology partners.