Trade Associations

Do you face any of these common trade associations' issues?

  • You don’t have in-house IT expertise and lack sufficient IT support
  • Your HR or office manager is also handling IT services, and they feel overwhelmed because they don’t have the skills or experience
  • You may have several data security vulnerabilities exposing your trade association’s membership data due to limited budgets for tech support and resources
IT support for trade associations, lawyer, political party, non-profit
Whether you are a small or large organization, political party, or non-profit organization, with sufficient or limited resources, Net Results got your trade association’s managed IT services needs covered. 

Net Results is a top managed IT services provider with offices in Regina and Saskatoon, Canada. Our team of IT professionals have decades of experience working with many trade associations 

Our managed services and IT helpdesk support addresses your most common issues to help you focus on running your organization efficiently.

Why Partner with Us for
Your Trade Association's IT Needs

Cost-Effective Tech Support

Outsourcing your IT function could save significant costs because you don’t need to hire a team of IT professionals, especially when you might not leverage their capabilities fully.

Our IT helpdesk experts and technicians will set up, maintain, monitor and troubleshoot your IT infrastructure while servicing your daily needs. Net Results’ managed IT services can be scaled and tailored to the level of your operation, so you only pay for what you use.

Data Security and Peace of Mind

With the constant evolution of the cyber threat landscape, any size and type of organization can become a target. In fact, many small trade associations with multiple vulnerabilities represent a better collective target than one large corporation that has solid cyber defenses. With the increasing ransomware costs and demands, just one cyber breach can tarnish your reputation, lead to lawsuits, or potentially put you out of business.

Strengthening your cybersecurity and data security best practices is critical against potential cyber incidents to keep your sensitive organizational and membership data safe. Net Results’ managed services combine the power of cybersecurity solutions, data backup, disaster recovery, network management, and remote monitoring to provide your trade association with the protection and peace of mind you need.

cost-effective to outsource IT
Improved Budgeting Aligned with Organizational Strategy

Our partnership starts with identifying your organizational objectives. This is important because we believe in leveraging the right technology to help you accomplish your goals.

Once we understand the type of IT infrastructure necessary to support your strategy, it becomes much easier to determine your monthly IT budget for the upcoming year. We find this to be of significant value to many trade associations, because it helps them better forecast costs and manage cashflows. Planning to have sufficient funding also helps ensure they have the right IT resources and support.

We also create 3- and 5-year IT plans, which detail our approach for replacing and keeping your technology updated to meet your future needs, as well as estimated budget allocations.

Need cost-effective IT support to keep you cyber safe and productive?

Partner with Net Results. We’ve been protecting trade associations for decades.