Retail Business

Do you have multiple retail stores, or just a single location?

Regardless of what size or type of retail business you have, we have the managed services experience and capability to keep your operations running and help you leverage technology to maximize your profitability. 

Why Choose Net Results'

Managed Services for Your Retail Business

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Streamlined Multi-Location Operational Flexibility

We understand that your employees at times might need to work at different locations to keep your operation running without interruptions.

This is why we recommend having standardized equipment for each of your retail stores, which helps streamline staff training as well as increase productivity and efficiency.


Continuous Operation

We can help you vet and install any type of point-of-sale terminal for your physical retail locations or ecommerce business. Then we’ll make sure it is always secure to protect you from potential cyber incidents.

As a retail business, you’ll also likely need a supply chain management system that connects you with your suppliers, and logistics providers.

The Net Results team has expertise in managing leading solutions, including SPS Commerce, to help automate your inventory management, invoicing, shipments and sales. Our IT support for retail stores can help you set up, maintain, and fix any technical issues to keep your system running.

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Business Intelligence for Improved Profitability

Making decisions with insufficient data can hurt your retail business. But standardized equipment and systems will ensure better reporting with data transparency and consistency.

With streamlined access to available information, you can easily analyze data to assess your profitability and identify new business opportunities.



Security risks can come in many forms – electronic processing of sales, employees, or cloud-based accounting, and inventory management.

With Net Results, you can rest assured, we’ve thought of all potential security exposures. We follow a proprietary security protocol to ensure all your cloud portals and systems are secure, and employees are properly on and offboarded as well as trained to serve as your best cyber defense.

Need an IT vendor in the Regina or Saskatoon to keep your retail business running securely while improving your bottom line?

Choose Net Results. We’ve been providing managed services for retail businesses for decades.