Healthcare Services

Is the new medical billing code not working? Or are you having issues faxing prescription medication orders to pharmacies?

Managing patients in need is hard enough. Don’t let your technology slow you down. Net Results’ managed IT services for healthcare providers can help you do your job more easily.

Why Choose Net Results' IT Support for Medical Practices

Run your healthcare services practice, not your technology 

Net Results has the expertise to install, manage and troubleshoot many industry-leading medical billing systems, including Accuro. Our IT helpdesk will fix any issues, so you can focus on treating patients and managing your healthcare services business.

doctor and patient, Managed IT services for healthcare
physician on laptop, IT support for medical practices

Minimizing liability with healthcare data security

We understand the importance of protecting your patients’ health data to avoid potential expensive litigations and regulatory fines. Our security best practices will keep your medical practice CPPA compliant.

But being cyber safe also means being cyber smart. At Net Results, we believe in training your employees to be your strongest defense against cyber threats. As part of our cyber security services, we use different training programs, such as Bigger Brains and Know B4, to educate your staff about cybersecurity best practices as well as deploy regular phishing tests to assess and address emerging security vulnerabilities.

Focus on running your healthcare services practice and leave your technology needs to Net Results.

We are a leading managed IT partner in Regina and Saskatoon. We’ll keep you compliant and secure.