Has your manufacturing operation ever faced unplanned downtime due to technology issues?
If so, then you know how costly that can be.

Manufacturing today is increasingly relying on computer and AI-driven equipment and tools. Proper maintenance and monitoring are key in preventing detrimental outages and loss of production time.

With over 25 years of experience in providing IT support for manufacturing clients, Net Results understands how to keep you operational and help you leverage technology to gain efficiency.

Why Choose Net Results'

IT Support for Manufacturing

manufacturing operation connected to network


Keeping You Powered and Connected to Your Network

Our manufacturing IT solutions provide installing, patching, updating and troubleshooting of many leading manufacturing equipment software and hardware. Our managed IT services team will connect all your computerized manufacturing equipment and tools to your network and continuously monitor your operation remotely to avoid any potential downtime.


Managing and Supporting Your Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning System

Net Results’ team of IT experts also provides management of and IT support for your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to ensure your processes including your bill of materials (BOM), inventory management, and invoicing are readily accessible for your operation.

While we have expertise managing many ERP solutions, we are a Spire reseller, an integrated accounting, sales and inventory management ERP system.

manufacturing ERP
remote access for manufacturing equipment


Saving You Money by Providing Remote Access to Third-Party Vendors

When your manufacturing equipment needs servicing or fixing, getting a certified technician out to your location can be complicated, expensive and can halt your operation while waiting.

There is a better way. To save you the unnecessary delays and costs, we have built strong relationships with most manufacturing equipment technicians and can provide them with secure remote access to fix your equipment while also keeping you secure from cyber threats. 

Need an IT partner in Regina or Saskatoon to handle your manufacturing technology needs?

We can help. Net Results provides managed IT services for manufacturing companies.