Data Backup and Recovery in Regina, SK

Do you have sound data backup and recovery solutions to avoid:

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If not, a disaster recovery plan might just be the difference between staying or going out of business if you experience a cyber incident. Without a data backup and recovery process, a singe breach can cost Regina businesses thousands of dollars per minute before your operation can resume, in addition to potential regulatory fines, and expenses to notify your clients whose data has been compromised as well as costs to restore your reputation.    

While backing up your personal files from your laptop to cloud backups and storage solution might be sufficient for your personal use, data backup alone for businesses is not enough— it should be a part of a greater data backup and recovery plan, which is a more complex process for companies as they have much more at stake.

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What Does Your Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan Look Like?

For business continuity, a sound data backup and disaster recovery plan should, at minimum, consider these points: 

  • What data is critical for uninterrupted operations?  
  • Where do you keep that data, and what programs are needed to access it 
  • How long can you afford to operate without that data — an hour, a day, a month?  
  • Where do you backup your sensitive information? 
  • How many redundant backup solutions do you need?
  • What type of data backup do you need — full, incremental, differential, and mirror?  
  • How do you quickly recover your data should a data loss happen?  
  • Is your backup solution monitored for successful operation? 
  • How often do you test to ensure your backup process is working?  

We find many small and medium businesses don’t have any data backup and recovery plans, due to limited resources, which makes them especially vulnerable to the effects of a cybersecurity attack.

To address this need, Net Results offers a highly effective redundant data backup and recovery service as part of our managed IT services, which includes on-premise, cloud backup and cloud-to-cloud services. We also continuously monitor and regularly test our data backup solutions to ensure the backup process is properly working

Don’t let an inadequate data backup and recovery jeopardize your business continuity.

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