Cyber Security Services in Regina, SK

Are you thinking your business is too small to be a cyber security target?

If so, think again. You need solid cyber security services for effective protection.

Many Regina small businesses with IT vulnerabilities are more preferred targets than large corporations with robust cyber security solutions. If you don’t improve your security posture today, you could face thousands of dollars in expenses to recover from a common cyber incident that could’ve been easily prevented with sound cyber security services.   

The number of cyber-attacks is rapidly growing, especially in the Regina area, and they are also becoming more sophisticated. Small to mid-sized businesses often don’t have the internal resources and threat intelligence to keep up with the rapid development of cybersecurity risks. This is where Net Results can help your Regina-based Business. 

We have been working with small and medium businesses since 1997.  As a leading boutique managed services provider in Regina, we understand your IT environment, security needs and budget constraints. We offer a team of cyber security services professionals who have the expertise and focus on mitigating the evolving landscape of cyber threats with leading cybersecurity technology and best practices. This team is available to you for a fraction of the cost that you would otherwise spend on hiring your own team. 

What Sets Us Apart from Other Cyber Security Services Managed IT Vendors?

Net Results’ comprehensive approach to cyber security allows us to offer you the most protection for your critical infrastructure. Our cybersecurity services experts leverage 5 leading security tools in combination, which we continuously maintain and update for the latest threats.

We focus on the following cybersecurity best practices:  

Restricting software installation on end-user devices to prevent accidental download of viruses and malware

Detecting malware to contain and quickly remove from devices and systems

Leveraging next generation antivirus, such as Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) powered by artificial intelligence, to detect cyber threats before they happen and contain them from spreading

Filtering web browsing requests to prevent employees from accessing known bad websites or inappropriate subject matter

Pushing out updates and patches automatically to protect end-users without disrupting productivity

Cyber Security Services in Regina, SK

As a managed service provider, we offer a wide range of cost-effective services to reduce risk: 

  • Cyber security assessments  
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)  
  • Intrusion detection and response (IDR)  
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR)  
  • Phishing prevention training / cybersecurity awareness training  
  • Vulnerability assessment and management  
  • IT governance, risk and compliance  
  • Upgrade your network security infrastructure  
  • Regular software updates and patches  
  • Fully managed email security  
  • Antivirus/antispyware/malware protection  
  • Firewall management and monitoring  
  • IT security consulting  
  • Web security – URL filtering, content filtering, web policies  
  • Identity and access management (aka identity management) 
  • Threat hunting 
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Your Security
is Our Priority

Don’t fall for security threats! Protect your business with our cyber security services as part of our managed services.

We are a leading managed IT services provider in Regina and Saskatoon.