Cloud Solutions in Regina, SK

To Cloud or Not to Cloud. That is the Question?

A cloud-based solution is not necessarily the answer to every IT problem. But, if your Regina business isn’t using cloud-based solutions, you may be missing the many benefits that it can offer:

  • Ease of collaboration
  • Greater flexibility for employees to work remotely
  • Streamlined processes
  • Increased productivity
  • Better profit margins

Cloud computing services are on the rise primarily due to the shift to hybrid work, telecommuting and the increased costs of running internal on-premise systems. If you’d like to explore whether IT cloud solutions could benefit your Regina operation, we can help you as part of our all-inclusive managed IT services.

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What is Cloud Computing?

You likely use cloud services daily, such as storing your files in the cloud, which you can access from any device anywhere with an internet connection. These are some common ways to use cloud: 

Cloud Storage

Instead of storing your files and data on your local servers or computers in the office, Google Drive as well as Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint are three popular cloud storage platforms. For a small monthly fee, even if your hardware malfunctions, you won’t lose your information because most reputable cloud storage vendors offer near-perfect uptime.

Cloud Backup

Backing up your data to multiple locations is highly recommended. In a redundant data backup policy, cloud could be one of the locations to ensure your business can recover should you experience a cyber incident or catastrophic damage to your main office.

Software as a Service

If you sell and market any products or services, you are likely familiar with several cloud computing solutions, including Salesforce, QuickBooks On-Line and email platforms like Microsoft 365 and G-mail. With SaaS for a monthly fee, you always have the latest version of the software because the service provider continues to innovate. Data loss is also less likely with a time-tested vendor than if you hosted it in-house and experienced a system crash or cyber breach.

Cloud Hosting

One of the most common ways of using cloud hosting is storing your business’ website on a web hosting vendor’s server, such as WP Engine or SiteGround.

Key Benefits of Cloud Solutions



Working in the cloud gives you the flexibility to pay only for services and applications you use without the need for heavy infrastructure investment. Cloud solutions also offer a ‘pay as you go and as needed’ pricing model.
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Enhanced Data Security

Most reputable cloud services providers can’t afford to tarnish their reputation by allowing security breaches. Their business depends on them providing leading cybersecurity measures.

Increased Productivity

Work anytime from anywhere. Allowing employees to access a centralized single source of data any time creates a better work-life balance for employees, which also increases productivity.


Your remote workforce can collaborate on the same files, without having to reconcile multiple versions, which can slow workflows down.

Hire Top Talent

You have the flexibility to hire the most qualified people without any geographical restrictions rather than being limited to a local pool of talents. 
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You won’t need to worry about downtime if you work with a reputable cloud solution provider because most of them have a reliable near-perfect uptime guaranteed.
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Cost Savings

All companies can benefit from using cloud solutions, but it can be especially cost-effective for small to mid-size organizations who may not have the resources to purchase, and secure on-premise servers and software as well as hire staff to maintain the systems. On the other hand, cloud set up and maintenance tasks – such as OS upgrades, backups, application patching – are usually built into the service.

Resource Scalability

Cloud solutions also allow you to quickly scale your resources up or down for your needs using leading technology, which can translate to significant competitive advantage. This is especially valuable if your business needs to quickly respond to market changes to compete, or if you are in a seasonal industry.

How Our Cloud Solutions Help Your Regina Business

Despite the many benefits of using cloud solutions, you could still be facing many issues including lack of compliance, data loss and cybersecurity breaches if you don’t select the right cloud solution provider.

Fortunately for you, Net Results’ managed services can help you identify and leverage secure and compliant industry-leading cloud solutions including:  

  • Microsoft 365 (document storage, e-mail, Teams) 
  • Remote Desktop Service (RDS) access to server-based applications  
  • Cloud-based industry-specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms for managing operations 

Net Results - Your Cloud Solutions Partner

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